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What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality brings mixed reviews. Some admired it others don’t. On the one hand, the concept is misinterpreted and feared. On the other, it is recognized as a great step toward a better way to play online casinos.

Virtual reality casinos will face many obstacles regarding regulation and gambling groups. Because online gambling changes at a speed of light, virtual reality is regarded as the innovation of the future. With its potential, its uses are endless. In online gambling, its progress can’t be dodged. In fact, most online casinos are already utilizing virtual reality.


Getting To Know Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, per se, is a simulation or a computer-created world that you can enter. You will need a VR helmet for it. No sound or light penetrates the helmet. Thus, your VR experience will never be interrupted because it is soundproof and lightproof.

woman with vr headset vr casino

The first VR helmet was sold 20 years ago by SEGA. There are big names associated with this helmet and these will include HTC, Oculus Rift, Sony and OSVR among others. The development of this helmet is advancing faster than it was foreseen.

But online casinos are not the only fields that want to use this technology. Education and healthcare want to explore in this area to boost their services. However, the biggest fields that utilize VR heavily are in the military and general gaming. The industry that causes most excitement is the casino. The online gambling business is looking into the developing world of virtual casinos.

Before, the only casino that offered VR gambling was SlotsMillion. But that has certainly changed. Developers, like Microgaming, NetEnt, and several others, are testing and providing this new feature.


Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a VR head-mounted display. Developed by Oculus, it launched early in 2016. It is one of the first VR headsets available to consumers. It started as a Kickstarter campaign. After raising $2.5 million, it has turned into a product sought by hundreds of companies.

Although it was delivered to the public prematurely, it has corrected all the wrongs it did as it fulfilled its fans their fantasies about Star Trek HoloDeck. It is a well-crafted device with a 90-HZ refresh rate. Every eye offers a resolution of 1080x1200. Its headphones are in the helmet to give you a 3D audio effect. It comes with a rotational and positional tracking through its IR sensor, which is usually placed on your desk. In this way, you can still use it while standing, walking around or sitting.

guy with oculus vr casino

The goggles of Oculus Rift offers the best virtual reality experience. You may or may not need them when you play online casino. You can play VR casino through a game controller.

Facebook, the social media giant, bought Oculus Rift in 2015. However, the virtual reality casinos are in the hands of the Oculus Rift for a very long time, and the company is working hard to offer its users the best VR experience.


But How Does A Virtual Casino Work?

As soon as you put on the headset, you will see a screen, which will be your new world. You will interact with the screen through a controller and your hands. The feeling is like you are walking into a standard slot casino with some jazz music and you see slot machines.

At the moment, gambling from home is the hottest thing you can do.


SlotsMIllion And VR Casino

SlotsMillion spent a few months to give you an online casino experience in VR. It worked closely with the gaming regulators in Malta. The company has to work with the licensing jurisdiction of Malta to help develop a new set of best practices in virtual reality casinos. The said regulators recommended that clocks must be visible so that players would not lose track of time while they play the games.


The Other Players

Besides SlotsMIllion, Microgaming is another company that aims to develop an online casino with VR experience. In 2016, it won the Innovator of the Year award in London. It is the first company that offered the first real online casino program. In 2004, it was one of the first to create the first mobile casino. It was also the first company that developed an online slot for a smartwatch that launched in 2014.

NetEnt is another player in this industry. In 2016, it showcased its exciting new technology that can power the future of online gaming.

virtual reality casinos headset

Virtual Reality And The Online Gaming Industry

Online gaming will continue to change so that players can have a different kind of experience when playing. Regarding virtual reality, you can see an increasing interest in virtual reality gaming.

You will need to wear a VR headgear that allows you to get into the VR gaming experience. If you wish to play VR online casinos, you will also need a computer that has seven times more power than a primary computer. That means, your average desktop is not enough to meet the requirements of a VR game. The reason for this is that a device that supports a VR game would require 90 fps to provide you with smooth gameplay.


What Controllers Are Available?

vr casino controllers

A traditional game would require you to have a controller with multiple buttons, triggers, and thumbsticks, among others. But it may not work with VR casino games. Instead, you may need a data glove. As you put the data glove, you will be detected by the game. This glove has tiny sensors that detect your body movements. Once your movements have been identified, they are fed back to your computer. Your data will then be analyzed and used to transform them into appropriate reactions.

Thankfully, VR casinos games are developed to work with a keyboard or controller to ensure that you do not have to purchase expensive equipment, like a pair of data gloves.


Starting Playing VR Casino Games

To start playing, you have to open an account at a virtual reality casino. Then, download the app. VR games require a download, unlike most online casino games that you can play through your browser. Before you can play VR casinos games, you will need to have a VR helmet, like the Oculus Goggles to experience a real VR. However, if you cannot afford it, you can play it using a pair of 3D glasses.


What Are The Possible Problems VR Casinos Will Face?

One of the problems that VR casinos may face is compliance and regulation. Because more countries in the world are looking into the online tax gaming, the industry will also face more regulatory controls than it was before. Then again, companies can have an offshore market that is not bound by governmental rules.

vr casino regulations


Is This The Future Of Gaming?

It is possible that virtual reality online gambling will be a huge hit among people who want to see their favorite slot characters being brought closer to them. Then again, the industry will face a thorough discussion on how to clear the red tape. Some gambling jurisdictions want to veto it while others would just restrict it.

With that in mind, there are still companies that will continue to improve their VR casinos. A lot of people believe that the VR gambling concept is the future of online gaming. It may not be today, but someday, it will be.

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